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 HELP - Sell tickets with Webtickets Namibia

Organising an event is lots of work and especially the days before the event are always hectic. Latest at that point you will be glad that someone is handling the ticket sales for you.

Other advantages include:
• Secure tickets.
• Trusted sales reports to share with sponsors, partners, and the media.
• Someone to handle all kinds of "I lost my ticket", "I need an invoice" and other inquiries.

And the fees?
Are the same or even less than if you would sell the tickets yourself. Think of the time and money that goes into design, printing, phone calls, driving around, bank charges, reconciliations. etc. Not to mention possible ticket

• Namibian company
• Namibian team that knows the market, the venues, the customer preferences etc.
• Superior system catering to local needs
• Don't lose a sale. Tickets available online AND at Pick n Pay to accommodate diverse customers.
• Local team
• 081 customer care line number
• Over seven years of Webtickets experience and over 20 years of combined experience in the event industry
• Access to an experienced onsite team that can come with float, speedpoints, equipment and wristbands to work at your event
• No withholding or royalty taxes due for use of foreign services

We sell your event tickets.
We manage your registrations for conferences, races, etc.

We can sell your raffle tickets, vouchers, and event-related merchandise items.
We can collect donations.

We can help you with sales and ticket validation on the day of the event (box office services).

How we have solved this for a number of Clients:

• Remember that the ticekts will be available online, too. Promote our website and our customer care line so people can buy online and phone us if they get stuck. If internet reception is a problem, we can do the booking for them and whatsapp/email them the payment details.
If signal is too week even for online payment, we'll make a plan.

• Unless the ticekts have to be personalized, remote customers can also ask someone else to buy the ticket for them. The purchaser can then forward the tickets as email or Whatsapp.

• We can give you consignment tickets to sell yourself in the region.

Tickets for events and races,
Bus tickets,
Raffle tickets,
Tickets for tourist attractions.

You can also use the Webtickets platform to collect donations.

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