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 HELP - Tickets and ticket changes

That is usually not a problem as they will only check if the ticket is valid.

For some events the ticketholder does matter though, e.g. for race events and bus tickets. In that case, please login to Webtickets, go to My Tickets and click "update".

With most events: Yes, you can. As long as the barcode is valid, your friend will be granted access.

If the event requires personalized tickets, e.g. race events, some type of conferences, bus tickets, please login to Webtickets Namibia, go to My Tickets and update the ticketholder details.

If an event takes place on multiple dates at the same ticket price, the event organiser might allow you to reschedule your ticket to another date.

Login to your Webtickets Namibia account, go to My Tickets and check if the self-reschedule option is available.

Login to your Webtickets Namibia customer account and you should see them under "My Tickets".

They are not there?
Have you maybe used another email address when you booked the tickets?
No? Then please contact us.

No, there is no need to print your ticket. Your barcoded ticket can be scanned directly from your phone.

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